"Sara, Thank you sooo much for everything!!!! The house is truly amazing... I feel my life is more organized.. Love u and ur whole team
Mashla Kano fananeen kolakom"

Suha Binzager Home Organizing

" Sorted out my years and years of clutters Enabled energy to flow within my soul , Simplicity freshness and new life style. A home therapy that was much needed For a better life quality Hard working team with a clear mission and understanding for there clients needs ( some might be unrealistic!)I feel happy lightened and lucky to be one of sorted clients. Thank you for sorting my life out "

Athari Alsuwaieh Home Organizing

" Working with sorted was beautiful experience. it was difficult at times to get rid of certain items but Sara made it easier and her method were eye opening. it was an amazing and calming feeling to see everything organized and has a place and home. everything looked aesthetically beautiful and has a system to it. having an organized home and a clear space felt like having a clear mind and Sara made that happen. Sara was professional and very sweet to work with. I would recommend getting sorted for anyone who wants order in their home "

Dina Akbar Home Organizing

" A big thank you to the Sorted team!
u have listened to us, understood our needs and transformed our playroom into a beautiful organized space, that some how corrected my girls playing habits.. can wait to do the rest of the house with u!! "​

Tamara Tayeb Home Organizing

"Sorted is like Therapy. They help lift emotional and physical baggage only taking action.
If I where to put it in three words: Privacy, Clarity and sorted for sure"

Nayla A Home Organizing

"Thank you sorted; you have organized my things made it easier to use and see and enjoy; truly grateful. You have inspired me to live in an organized system and decluttering everything I didn’t need. I’m enjoying my home and things in the best most efficient way! You have a gift that keeps on giving! Thank you"

Hajer Mously Home Organizing

"Thank you so much sorted team for your passion , dedication and love for your work . You have transformed both my kitchen and storage into a very organized and accommodating areas . The attention to details and special touch is on point . I have learnt a lot from you and would definitely work with you again whenever I am stuck"

Salma Radwan Home Organizing

You’re wonderful Sara and have this spark ⚡ of strong ambition with determination to achieve your best. You will be better than best. Just keep this flame on and believe in yourself

Widad Allehedan Home Organizing

"Very professional, helpful , I’m glad I did my playroom with sorted , love how they respond to clients any time no matter what’s the day . I would like to work again with them"

Abeer Al Sanabani Home Consultation

"It was an exciting experience. I felt overwhelmed at some points but the end results are amazing !!!!!!"

Sanaa Nahlawi Home Consultation

"For me it was overwhelming at the beginning but once I started and finished it became really nice and I felt so relieved"

Rana Rahimaldeen Home Consultation